I’ve been testing Facebook Ads recently and wanted to share some of the funnels I’m using to get people onto my email list or signup to a webinar.

This video goes into detail about each strategy and how you can copy this for your own testing.

The main things you must know when testing Facebook Ads

  1. Keep testing your Ads. Test ad images, text, CTA buttons, test, test, test!
  2. Set a daily budget with an end date. Having the end date means it will stop if you forget to stop it. And yes it does happen.
  3. Keep the content related if you are running ads to content and retargeting people. If the content is related you will get more targeted leads.

The 4 Strategies

Here’s a breakdown of the different ad types I was testing.

Strategy #1 – Facebook Ad To Webinar

This was a basic ad sent directly to a webinar registration page. Here’s the sketch I made mapping out my ads.

  1. Facebook Ad
  2. Webinar Registration Page

Here’s one version of the ad I was running. I changed this pictures of myself, with an office image and ebook screen shots to see how they performed. 

Here’s a look at the two landing pages I was testing.

Control Landing Page (A)

Variant Landing Page (B)

Strategy #2 – Facebook Ad To ebook

This method uses the same ad principles where we send traffic to an ebook landing page but the thank you page becomes the webinar registration page.

We are thanking the user for getting the ebook and then showing a related webinar they can register for to learn more about list building. See how It’s related.

Keep the user experience consistent as they flow through your funnel. 

  1. Facebook Ad – Lead magnet ebook
  2. eBook Landing Page
  3. Thank You Page (Webinar Registration Page)

Thank You / Webinar Registration

This page is identical to the webinar page above but with another headline saying “Thank You! Your eBook Is On It’s Way” and directly below showing the webinar registration on the same page.

Here’s the Facebook Ad for this method.

The user would simple arrive on a landing page for the ebook. I also tested this with a variation page like (B) above. Mixing up images to see what gets more results.

This was the winning landing page below and the test is still live after some tweaks.

Strategy #3 – Facebook Ad To Blog Post

This method changes things again and is my favourite because it has a subtle way of collecting targeted leads.

It’s not a forceful ask for the user and they have more chance to browse and click around your site.

  1. Facebook Ad
  2. Blog Post (Related content)
  3. Links to webinar throughout content
  4. Content upgrade for ebook and 10 extra lead magnet ideas.

There are more steps in this method and you will get less leads.  

However, rather than simply running ads to landing pages only it requires people to actually read the content and find the opt-in forms.

A lot of marketers would go against this but my belief is this; if people are still on your website reading your content there’s a high chance they will see your offers and opt-in.

If they are on your page for longer there are probably more interested in your content and therefore a more credible lead. We hope that’s the case.

Here are the ad versions I was running:

The traffic from these ads was sent directly to this blog post.

Throughout that blog post I linked to the webinar and also offer the lead magnet ebook.

Strategy #4 – Retargeted Facebook Ad To Blog Post

This final method is a variation of Method #3. First you create a facebook audience and pixel tracking for people who visit your site.

Next you setup and run a retargeting campaign only to those who have recently visited your website (30 days).

  1. Facebook Ad
  2. Blog Post (Related content)
  3. Links to webinar throughout content
  4. Content upgrade for ebook and 10 extra lead magnet ideas.
  5. Retargeting ad

The retargeting ads could be the same ad as in step one or you could add some personality to it like:

Hey, you visited my site recently. Come join me on a webinar


I think this webinar is a good fit for you

Remember, people need more than one connection with you before they know you. 

Retargeting will cost you more money but in theory you should get better quality people on your list.

What next?

As I said at the beginning it’s all about testing. You may see some of my retargeting ads now you have visited this site but I will slowly keep testing this method until my conversions increase. Then I’ll report back with winning images and copy.

If you test any of these methods please let me know.  

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

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