3 Ways To Grow An Email List (Fast)

To make a quick start on your list building, try these 3 tips to boost your email list building today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jpFxK0rGzQ Here 3 ways to grow an email list fast. If you

3 Ways To Warm Up A Cold Email List

Today I want to share three ways that you can warm up a cold email list or re-engage with your old subscribers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ObEpiFx3Vs A cold email list is people you haven't

Set One Big Goal For The Year

For 2019 I've made a goal to start posting consistently on my YouTube channel and grow my audience. YouTube has always been a great platform for my business and I

Following Hot Topic Trends To Market Your Business

I wanted to share some ideas on how you can marketing your business by riding the hot topic events or even trends that fly around the internet.

In this video will look at the Royal Wedding being a hot topic and ways you can use this event to promote your business and get in front of a new audience.


Do This Before Planning Your Goals

We often lots of people shouting about goal planning and writing S.M.A.R..T goals but until you know where your time is being spent each day there's no point trying to set any goals.

Try this one simple task to track where you time is being spent each day.


4 Facebook Ad Strategies For List building

I've been testing Facebook Ads recently and wanted to share some of the funnels I'm using to get people onto my email list or signup to a webinar.

This video goes into detail about each strategy and how you can copy this for your own testing.


Marketing Your Business Using Pop Up Shops

One of the most difficult things bout running physical retail business is getting people into your shop.

It's much the same as an online business that has to drive and traffic to their website, then convert sales using images, reviews, testimonial video etc

As a shop owner you have the advantage of people touching and feeling your products but then you have more costs.

For those of you making the decision about setting up a retail shop or online shop there are many factors to consider.


Case Study: How To Create Customer Thank You Cards For Repeat Business

Getting someones attention in today's noisey online world is hard. Getting their attention offline is just as hard.However when you ship someone a parcel they order you have their full attention right at point hey decide to open their package.

You know that feeling right? You parcel arrives, you tear it open and you look at everything inside the package.

At that point is when the companies has your full attention!


How To Use Discounts To Create A User Experience

Discounts are often the word business owners don't like to hear however the large companies are consistently throwing out discounts to generate buzz and clear stock.

Heck some even inflate prices so they can allow for discounts. A discount always seems to hold some value with the buyer. The feeling of getting some money off can often sway a buying decision.


Using Direct Mail For Upsells & Subscription Renewals

In the early 2000 direct mail was still strong and being competed with by email marketing. My letter box at home would be full of promotion, direct mail campaigns and offers.

As I worked in the marketing space I started to receive a lot of th edirect mail offers from various gurus.

Rather than putting all these letters in the bin I would save them for reference and copywriting ideas. Remember some companies would pay thousands for a copywriter to craft a sales letter.

Why would you put something so valuable in the trash?