4 Ways To Achieve Your New Years Resolution


It's that time of year where we make our New Years resolutions or yearly business plans. Here are four ways to make sure you see through and keep your New Years resolution.

1. Be Consistent

This is the daddy for us. Having consistency in your method will certainly help you achieve your goals along the way. You can also use a journal to track your progress. The journal will help you see results and if you are consistent you will be updating that journal daily/weekly.

The actual "doing" step here plays a big part because you physically have to log down your activity.

Be consistent and you will hit your goal!

We plan to publish a new article to this blog every week. That's one our goals.

2. Be Ambitious

Make sure you create long term goals as well as short term goals. A year is a long time but ambitious goals can take a long time to hit. It may help to create some smaller goals (Get 5 new leads a week) which tie in and help you achieve a longer term goal (grow your customer base by 100 clients).

All business will have long term goals which can change and adapt to new demands but thinking big can give you something to work towards so be ambitious don't hide.

With that in mind don't get too ambitious and set goals which most people would find hard to hit. You know what you can do, you know how much time you have so be realistic and keep your goals in sight.

3. Action Plan

When you set a goal you need to think of an action plan. Without an action plan your goal is nothing. If you want to add 5 new leads to your business a week, how do you plan to do it? Will you budget promotions? Will you contact other business owners for joint ventures? What will you offer to gain new leads?

You MUST plan how you will achieve your goal.

A Goal is nothing without an action plan! [Tweet This]

4. Accountability

Don't hide your goals. Write them down and pin them on the wall in your office. If your spouse or friends don't know what you are working towards then you will simply bottle up your goals and fail.

Get yourself an "Accountability Buddy" who can hold you "accountable" for the goals you set. It could be a friend  a business associate or even your partner. You can also help them achieve their goals. Setup a meeting once a month or more to go over your goals together and report on results. Having someone to work with will massively increase your chances of smashing your goal.

Make sure you develop SMART goals in your business or personal life. A SMART goal will be easier to accomplish and return more satisfaction when it's completed.

I would love to hear your plans for smashing goals or even what goals you have set. Please comment below, message me on Google+ or Facebook.

David Frosdick

David Frosdick creates and teaches online courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to start an online business or grow their current audience. He has produced online training for the last 10 yrs and can help you create your own projects online using content marketing and product creation skills. He believes everyone has a skill to share and it's possible to create a business out of your knowledge.