Impossible To Contact Low Cost Airlines - Ryanair, BMIBaby

Over the last couple weeks I've had to make a few journeys around the UK, hence why I've not made any posts for a while. Anyway I thought I'd post about my experiences of dealing with low cost airlines. That's the Low cost airlines that charge your for every step at booking a flight. So your Low cost price jumps up a few hundred quid!! Low cost my a**e!

I mean who would fly without taking a bag?

Oh yeah lets charge you £24 for taking a bag!! Daylight robbery!

Firstly I flew with BMIBaby which turned into a disaster where some friendly lady gave me a PO Box to contact the "customer service" team because she could not process a refund at the desk. Clearly the credit card machine would only takes your money but does not refund it, rubbish!!

OK "customer service" that's where you deal with customer and provide a service right?

No! Wrong!

These low cost airlines provide such a POOR service they don't dare speak to any paying customers. Instead you have to write to them.

I mean this is year 2008 and you have to write a letter to these rubbish companies to inquire about anything!!!

If you want to complain, get a refund or deal with their, so called "customer service team" you have to write. It's pathetic!!

Personally I think it's a joke! These low cost airlines have no way of actually contacting them.

They hide from their customers soon as a problems arises !!!!!!!

You would think this is against regulations but by them providing a postal address they get round it, aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!

Next it's Ryanair.

I'm trying to contact Ryanair to change some details on a flight and none of their phone numbers on their own website are valid. Surely this must be against regulations?

If anyone out there knows of any possible way to contact Ryanair then please, please, please email me.

I found this site so I'll keep going:

To be continued......

Adobe Flash Player Fix

If you have been noticing any bugs or strange happenings when uploading videos to YouTube or other video sharing sites you should consider getting the latest Flash Player.

You can also read an interesting article here about Adobe fixing seven flaws in the Flash Player.

I've just done my download!

Bank $1 Million Every Month In Profits

I read this article sometime ago but thought I would link to it here. Imagine banking this kind of money. The original article was published by: Forbes The Smartest Unknown Indian Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Marc Benioff is afraid of him. Venture king Mike Moritz wants to invest in him.

You have never heard of Sridhar Vembu, founder and CEO of AdventNet, the company behind newly launched productivity suite Zoho.

Vembu is a low-profile guy if there ever was one. He is also cheap as hell. Yet, of course, you know that among entrepreneurs, frugality is a virtue. A tremendous virtue.

Vembu has stretched this virtue to extreme limits, and added layers and layers of creativity upon it. The result? A 100%, bootstrapped, $40-million-a-year revenue business that sends $1 million to the bank every month in profits.

Doing what? you might wonder.

Selling network management tools, to be precise. But with a unique twist. Vembu employs 600 people in Chennai, India, and a mere eight in Silicon Valley. Imagine what that does to his cost structure!

Not only that, in India Vembu's operation does not hire engineers with highflying degrees from one of the prestigious India Institutes of Technology, thereby squeezing his cost advantage.

"We hire young professionals whom others disregard," Vembu says. "We don't look at colleges, degrees or grades. Not everyone in India comes from a socio-economic background to get the opportunity to go to a top-ranking engineering school, but many are really smart regardless.

Read an interview with Vembu


I've not yet fully tested out Zoho but it has some tools I certainly would like to try out the web conferencing and online databases. TechCrunch provide a got look at the notebook tool and other services.