How to add a site to Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a excellent way to track keywords, broken URL's and much more activity on your site. It's a great free tool from Google to help you get simple data about how users are finding your site or linking to your site. While it is not as advanced as Google Analytics it works slightly differently by giving you information about how Google Search Spiders crawl your site.

Video Review: Using Wordpress and Thesis Theme, WHY?

I redesigned my blog over the last couple of months and after I changed my mind a few times, I stumble onto Thesis. Like many of you I have downloaded hundreds of blog themes and if you are like me then you may find it hard to choose a design. This video gives you an a quick look at Thesis.

How to Secure Your Gmail Account

Keep your Gmail account nice and secure!You can never be too safe nowadays so apply this little trick secure you Gmail account when using non-secure internet connections. I fyou travel and use wireless connection then this will benefit you. This is not new news but I thought I would make a short video showing how it's done.

Google Apps for your domain Part 3/4

Here's the main content, the real stuff showing how to add Google's MX record into your domain name. This is done through GoDaddy but some hosts, liek Hostgator will do the process for you. Just let them know you want the domain to work with Google Apps.


My Finished DVD Product

OK! So have you ever wondered what goes into producing your own DVD's? Retail ready DVD's!! DVD's which can be listed as NEW to sell on Amazon.

I'll be sharing some of my experiences with you but firstly I wanted to show you this, a completed DVD I've been working on.

I've been learning some new video editing skills and today the first final draft of a completed product arrived in the post. This was a test to see how quick the DVD would arrive and see what the service overall was like from the duplicators.

The DVD was completely packaged and retail ready, quite impressive to see what would be delivered if I was to ship this directly to a customer.


This was so exciting that my cat was even impressed to see a shiny new package arrive through the post, I'm sure she was just thinking of food.....

I will be posting more articles about video production along with the video editing tools I use, some Screencasts of tips and tricks and I'll also post a little more about the actual DVD in the packet.

If you are interested in producing your own DVD's then keep an eye on my site for more articles.

Using Google Apps for your domain - Part 2/4

Thanks for all the emails regarding Part 1 of this series. Here's Part 2 a little later than planned. Please ask any questions if you get stuck with this.

You can watch the full size Screencast here.


Part 3 next looks at activating your email with Google Apps.

sNews Installation Video

As you have all asked so nicely I will add the full size video here later. Good luck with installing it. If you haven't yet tried out sNews then get started!!

You can watch the full size sNews Screencast here.


Also find the video on Google Video.

Finally thanks to Free-CSS-Templates for the link to my video. I've had heaps of traffic to my site and a few interesting emails for potential work. Thanks Guys!