Measure Your Marketing With Google Analytics Goal Conversions

Measure Your Marketing With Google Analytics Goal Conversions

If you want to measure your marketing activities then start using Google Analytics and setting up Goals for tracking conversions. Goals in Google Analytics allows you to see your conversion rates from your marketing efforts.

When you are running a number of different online promotions it makes sense to see which promotions are performing better by tracking conversion rates.

How To Convert GoToWebinar WMV for Camtasia and YouTube

Here's a video showing how you convert your GoToWebinar WMV file to a friendly format for rendering to MP4 from Camtasia. Thanks to Glenndcitrix who coded a batch file here which removes the GoToWebinar Codec allowing you to import the WMV into Camtasia and then render to MP4.

1. Download the batch convertor 2. Unzip the convertor 3. Copy your raw .WMV GoToWebinar recording to the same folder as the batch file 4. Open GoToWebinar and get your build number 5. Drag your .WMV file onto the the batch file and a command window will pop up 6. Enter your build number and press enter

Once it's complete the file will stay in the same folder and retain the same file name.

7. Download and open Handbrake software and find the .WMV source file 8. Set Handbrake to output the file, web optimized and keep the size the same. 9. A H.264 MP4 file will be produced.

The WMV file produced after running it through the batch file will also work for uploading directly to YouTube.

This video shows exactly how it's done.

A busy year

OK I thought it was about time I update my blog and by the looks of things I think a redesign might be around the corner.

I've been working with many clients over the last year using WordPress to build small affordable websties and most of them had purchased my WordPress Training DVD. The DVD is now available online and I've also started posting new training videos on the site for attendees of my wordpress workshops and also members.

Here's a new video that may answer your questions on how to resize images before you upload them online

10 FREE Online Internet Marketing Tricks Every Business MUST Use!

This course if for blog/site owners who have drive and enthusiasm to push their sites to another level. This video course covers free and ethical marketing tricks which you can implement today. If you have a blog and you are ready to move forward then this marketing course will help definitely help you.

4 Ways To Achieve Results Like Tony Robbins

You have probably seen these videos flying round the internet. I was actually surprised to see the videos about a week before all the gurus started emailing the video to everyone. Must be the power of Twitter I suppose. After seeing the videos it really changed the way I will look at future projects.

A FREE squeeze page for you

This a gift to you all! A thank you gift for visiting my site. If you want a free squeeze page and don't have the time to build one, then use mine. It's a simple squeeze page which you can freely use. All you have to is edit the text and upload it to your site. What is a squeeze page you may ask.