Example of custom (mytop.cfm) header using MemberGate

OK, here's a small project I begun. From reading various posts about adding custom headers to MemberGate I embarked on adding a custom mytop file to a site I work with.

Now tread carefully if you want to try this, it's not for the faint hearted.  One small error can cause problems that will appear on every page of your site.  Also this is something I'm still monitoring and have picked up a couple of errors already, ouch!

This is just another great feature that MemberGate has to offer.  It's best used for adding custom graphics to your top header or even displaying a custom header image for your members.

So would like to see the final finish?

Here's the image of the custom header I put in place.

To view the live header got to myGenie.tv

I still have a few days work here tweaking the design as the current stylesheet used is effecting all the MemberGate styles, so before you email me I already know it's messy.

I found a few issues with IE7 not displaying the drop down menus correctly and after days of troubleshooting I gave up.  I couldn't work out why IE7 didn't work but IE8 did work.

This drop down is best viewed in Firefox (FF).

If you are interested in adding your own custom mytop file then be warned, you are on your own..... or employ someone you can blame if it all goes wrong.


MemberGate Support will NOT add a custom mytop.cfm file for you as this will exclude your site from future updates.  The reason being that any updates they apply later will overwrite your custom files.

Anyway I thought it would be good to show you what can be done if you are prepared to sit down and give it a go.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions and I'll do my best to get back to you a.s.a.p

Your MemberGate Webmaster

Looking for someone to edit your MemberGate site? Want someone who knows their way around MemberGate and can comfortably make changes to layout, design and configuration?

Want someone you can trust?

Here's a short list of the MemberGate and WordPress I've worked on.

Most of these site are based in the US, please take into consideration that these sites are all live or launching soon.

Site: Screencast Central www.screencastcentral.com Site: SBGC www.smallbusinessgrowthclub.com Site: Recruiter Training www.recruitertrainingonline.com Site: Women’s Community www.womenscommunity.com Site: GS Heaven www.gsheaven.com Site: Harvest Eating www.harvesteating.com Site: Re-Fresha www.re-fresha.com


Here's some of the most recent sites I've worked on and some I'm still working with.

www.myGenie.tv www.mergermentor.com www.OzWorth.com www.wmr.com www.WireJewelryBootcamp.com www.ListBuilding.com


www.membergate.com www.WireJewelryBootcamp.com www.michrx.com www.golfprobizcoach.com www.nick-james.com


www.WireJewelryBootcamp.com www.nick-james.com www.tradingcollege.co.uk

My work on these site varies from content editing, SSL Installations, Protx, video editing, graphic design, uploading videos, transferring content, Aweber integration, marketing, consulting, custom headers, DVD production, preparing sites for launch or anything else the site owners require.

My work with MemberGate site owners comes mostly through word and mouth and contacts form this site.


If you are interested in purchasing MemberGate and would like to speak with me then use the contact form here or drop a comment below.

MemberGate UK

The Worlds Most comprehensive and Powerful Content Management System on the Web. An all in one solution for building and managing subscription web sites. I'm David Frosdick and I'm lucky enough to work with Tim Kerber  CEO of MemberGate.  Over the last year I have seen some amazing membership sites startup and go frmo zero to

I will be showing you the ins and outs of the MemberGate and why we think it is one the best Content Management System on the web.

I will cover features on how to use MemberGate and show you how easy it is to manage your site whilst on the move.

Literally from anywhere in the world you can run your own mebership web site when using this software.

A complex, yet easy to use, content management system. An all-in-one solution for building and managing subscription or member's only web sites.If you are interested in purchasing MemberGate or want to know a little more about it then drop me an email.

I've also done work with Tom Cone (ScreencastCentral.com) on the MemberGate UK Support Team where I have worked on numerous sites, so If you would like to hire me for any freelance MemberGate work on your site then get in touch with me.