Google's New Fade In Home Page

Google have started testing this and from what I've read not everyone is seeing it. That's right Google's home page fades in, don't worry you are not going mad. Basically the home page of Google is very minimal until you hoover the mouse over the page. Once the mouse is in action the home page comes to life and the fade effect will bring all the usual links into play.

Video Review: Using Wordpress and Thesis Theme, WHY?

I redesigned my blog over the last couple of months and after I changed my mind a few times, I stumble onto Thesis. Like many of you I have downloaded hundreds of blog themes and if you are like me then you may find it hard to choose a design. This video gives you an a quick look at Thesis.

Video - How to use Posterous

This short videos shows you what Posterous is and a quick tour of the Posterous control panel. Posterous is a blog service which automatically notify your social networking services. All you do is send and email over. Posterous is the dead simple way to put anything online using email. Launched in July 2008 and now growing fast.


Found a new location based social network site called Brightkite it's not taking off yet but it looks like it could get big. It seems like these text, web twitter update sites are getting popular all of them having a different twist.

Brightkite is location based so you Check In and it pops up saying where in the world you are.

See my profile and get posting.  The beauty of this is it work with the iPhone allowing the user to email pictures up.

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My DVD Listed on Amazon

I wrote this post a few weeks ago about a DVD project I had completed bu t I hadn't really posted much about the DVD itself. The DVD was really a tester project for me to learn all the skills needed to produce a DVD.

The good news is that it's now listed on Amazon and ready for sale. The DVD is actually in NTFS format and viewable in all regions so I need to get Amazon to make the changes.

The sale page for the DVD is stored on another site, also I have listed on eBay for some extra SEO!


Google Chatback Launched

Google talk launched a new service allowing user to chat with you directly from a link on your site. You can see my chatback link on the right which shows my online status.

The great thing is your visitors don’t even need a Google account to chat with you, they can just chat with you as a guest. It’s simple to add to you site, I just copied one small iframe script and pasted it into my Blog template and the chat button looks like this on your page:

Joost TV Review

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet What is Joost?

What's Joost? It's free TV, with the choice to watch alone or with friends. Joost is packed with Internet tools such as instant messaging and channel chat, allowing people to really share the TV experience.

Joost TV has been launched and is looking like a neat little program.

When I first tried it out I was annoyed at how slow things were but left it a day or so, shut down some of my programs and tried it out today. It was a much better experienced and I was impressed with how good the quality was.

Joost Channel Selector

Although I don't recognise many of the programs on Joost there's lots of music related videos, comedy shows and sporting moments. It seems like the developer have much planned with video sharing and a developer kit coming out soo so some of you can create your own widgets.

Who's Behind it ?

Joost or The Venice Project as it was known is bought to you by the team who created Skype, basically Skype does TV after they sold it to eBay for heaps of cash. Joost is a P2P TV and Video viewing platform in Beta. It's a fairly small application and installed easily I my machine.

Joost Catalog

You can find out more info about Joost on their site or follow their Blog. If I had more Joost beta invites I would you send you one but I gave them all away earlier today.

The Video Review

Watch a full size video of the same review.