5GB free storage backup your WordPress site

When you backup your WordPress site files you can now store them online in a Google Drive account. No excuse for losing data.

I backup my sites each week and now I can store all the files in my Google Drive account and synch the Drive across multiple computers.

Google Drive gives you 5GB of FREE storage. See the video explaining what Google Drive is.

I run a backup program on each of my sites which produces a small file I can download. I then store those files in my Drive online and Amazon S3 account.

Go and setup a free Drive acocunt here: Google Drive and start backing up your important files, family photos, PDF's and other files of importance.

Don't wait another day to make a backup of your files. Get in the habit of making backups regularly especially of family photos.

Google Apps Status Dashboard

I've not posted to my blog in a few months now and each day I find a new tool to blog about but then I find the next day has come around and a days work is well underway.  I'm busy working on a few projects I'll post more about soon but I wanted to tell you about this.

I just found this neat little tool and it's certainly one to bookmark.  There are a few services (paid & unpaid) which  I use daily and sometimes I want to be able to check the status of those services to ensure a site or business is not being effected.

The one I found today is for Google.  If  you use any/many/all of Google's services this is a must have in your bookmark folder.

Google Aps Status Dashboard

Check the status of a paticualr service.

Here's the full URL: http://www.google.com/appsstatus#rm:0/di:1/do:1/ddo:0

Earn an exrta $1000 a month!

There's always been hype about earning money through Google Adsense but there's now a product that will automate the complete process for you. It's a simple tool you use by entering keywords into the software and then a website is built for you with the click of a button.

Anyway the software is Pubster

Pubster allows you to build content rich sites and generate revenue from Ads and Affiliate links.

Now you're thinking this is old news, people have been doing this for ages.  You're also saying this is hard work.  Creating hundreds of pages copying code and affiliate links, redirecting domains names is it all worth it for a few dollars a month.

Well you are right but the beauty of this software that it actually builds content rich sites and not just an html pages full of Adsense Ads.


So it is worth it?

That's the real questions.

Well you build one Pubster site bringing in $10 per month from Google Ads.

So that site online generates $120 per year.

Remember you have done nothing all year to the site, once you build it with Pubster and upload the site you do nothing else to it.


Now the fun begins!!

I'll keep it short, lets say with do the above for 10 domains that you own.

Each domain is producing $10 per month so now you are earning $100 per month - $1,200 per year

You have probably seen all of this before somewhere online so I think you see the how the process works.

Duplicate the above steps for 100 domains.

100 domains earning $10 per month each = $12,000

Using Pubster can easily help you generate an extra $1000 per month and while to some think that it is not much money I think that's a good revenue stream for doing nothing after you Publish the site.

My goal is to upload 1 Pubster site a day.  While I don't guarantee you will earn big money using Pubster the above steps will get you closer to earning something and if you pick the right niche you could see amazing results.

Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and never miss another date with Paris Hilton!

Every now again I like to see how popular a keyword is.

Here's the tools I use:




Depending on your business model whether you develop products and flip businesses these keywords tools can help you find keywords around your niche.

Create Unlimited Mailing List with Aweber

AweberNow that email has become part of everyday life you should be sending regular emails to your clients with promotions, news and especially offers. Here's a program that easily creates your own unlimited emailing lists for a small payment. By adding one line of code to your web site, people can join your mailing list.

To automate the email process on our site we use a program called Aweber.

Aweber has been one of my favorite web marketing tools making it easy for me to track where people join mailing list, test products and at the same time automate emails while I'm away from my desk.

The pricing at Aweber seems fair to me:

$19.95 paid monthly $179.40 paid yearly.

They offer other payment option on their site. If you take the yearly option it works out about £92 depending on the exchange rateat the time.

Aweber pricing

Why pay to set up an email list?

Here are some reason why.

Awebers customers service has proven to be outstanding compared to other list services I've used. They have a live support team ready to answer any questions.

I can create an unlimited amount of mailing lists for any project I'm working on.

Why? because I can track how successful a marketing method is with number and figures.

I can build unlimited auto-responders that run in the background. If I wanted to send out a 10 week marketing plan each week via email, it's easy, just set up the 10 different emails in Aweber, add the one line of code to your web page for people to join the mailing list and then leave Aweber to do it's stuff.

To benefit from auto-responders you should eventually be offering your customers something to buy.

Aweber is easy to use by adding one line of Javascript code to any web page I can start collecting emails.

Aweber Code

Aweber follows the rules of emailing people legally. We hate spam like all of you so we always make it easy for our members to unsubscribe from any of our lists.

Awber automatically adds the unsubscribe link to our email, so we know we are sticking to the Zero Tolerance & Anit-Spam rules.

If you are not confident with creating your own mailing list server at your own site, have no knowledge of html, confused by the technical jargon your web designer is using or you can't understand why your web design company charge so much for this kind of service then this tool is for you.

I prefer to use tools that are easy to use and have good customer service.

This could be the best £92 you spend.


Check Your Passwords

Password GeneratorIf you use simple 4 digit passwords then you are at risk. 4 digit passwords, all in lower case can take .046 seconds to hack.

Read more about how quick a hacker can hack your passwords at One Mans Blog.

After you have read that article you want to consider downloading RoboForms FREE Password Manager.

Read my RoboForm article to find out more about how RoboForm works.

Then may be change your passwords to 8 digits using all characters like this: j!B$3h7e

It's common for people to use simple names, DOB, friends names, pets name, places they live etc. The information you store and access online can be personal, best to keep it that way.

RoboForm The Best Password Manager

RoboFormNowadays on the Internet you have to register on the sites you visit before you can post messages or view information.

With the Internet moving towards paid information it will not be long before you are a member of a few forums, social media sites or a subscription web site paying to receive information about your favorite niche.

If you find yourself having to write down or remember another password then this tool is for you. RoboForms allows you to remember 1 password, that's right, 1 password to access all your passwords!

It's easy to use, easy install, allows you to back up passwords, generate passwords and lots more.

One of the great things I love about RoboFrom is that I can back up and sync my passwords to Portable RoboForm on a USB stick or another computer.  I then have access to my passwords anywhere I go.

Download You can download RoboForm directly from RoboFrom.com. Download directly from RoboForm

RoboForm is free to use with up to 10 different passwords and you'll soon see the benefits of buying the Pro version as you can have features like auto submit or one click to fll and submit username and passwords.