My Finished DVD Product

OK! So have you ever wondered what goes into producing your own DVD's? Retail ready DVD's!! DVD's which can be listed as NEW to sell on Amazon.

I'll be sharing some of my experiences with you but firstly I wanted to show you this, a completed DVD I've been working on.

I've been learning some new video editing skills and today the first final draft of a completed product arrived in the post. This was a test to see how quick the DVD would arrive and see what the service overall was like from the duplicators.

The DVD was completely packaged and retail ready, quite impressive to see what would be delivered if I was to ship this directly to a customer.


This was so exciting that my cat was even impressed to see a shiny new package arrive through the post, I'm sure she was just thinking of food.....

I will be posting more articles about video production along with the video editing tools I use, some Screencasts of tips and tricks and I'll also post a little more about the actual DVD in the packet.

If you are interested in producing your own DVD's then keep an eye on my site for more articles.