twitter OK, so what's twitter?

It launched a while ago and I never joined but it appears it is certainly catching on over the web.

Twitter is a great little application running on Ruby that allows user to update their Twitter via Mobile, IM the web and various other plug-ins and tools which have been developed.

It's like the new age blog where people can interact and follow their friends (if you have any).

Unfortunately I couldn't grab a screenshot of twitter as the site was down for unplanned maintenance but when I visited the site and got this nice little message giving me the news.

It's amazing how an image can change your mood.

If you want to join the Twitter bug go set up an account and spread the word.

From my latest twitter you will notice that my system Blue Screened recently.  The first BSOD was last week so I purchase a new Dell from eBay as a backup.

So while setting up Firefox 3 on the new system I founds a little Add-on for Firefox which allows me to Twitter directly form my browser, another reason to use Firefox!

3 Weeks Off - The Best Days Of My Life!!

If you have visited the site recently you would not have seen much action as the last couple of months have been a very busy time and also the best days of my life. Firstly I changed jobs leaving to work at home running a web site for David Childerley

I've teamed up with David to run all the technical stuff behind the scenes on his site.

We have made good progress organising the layout of his site but there's still lots to do and while I'm doing the technical stuff, David and his wife Michelle are busy filiming.

We have just complete the first of about 10 DVD's we plan to produce over the next few months and you can see the completed DVD on the site and also some clips of the DVD on YouTube.

David Childerley started video blogging about EFT using webcam and now his videos are in the top 50 most viewed videos on UK YouTube!!

What an mile stone!!! Especially when it started with a webcam!!

Secondly, I got HITCHED!! Yes tied the knot after 6 years! The last 3 weeks have been the best days of my life!! I'll post more about that another day.

Well I'm back in the office today after 3 weeks off and catching up on emails.

If you have emailed me and not had a reply yet I will get back to you soon.

Happy blogging!!

My DVD Listed on Amazon

I wrote this post a few weeks ago about a DVD project I had completed bu t I hadn't really posted much about the DVD itself. The DVD was really a tester project for me to learn all the skills needed to produce a DVD.

The good news is that it's now listed on Amazon and ready for sale. The DVD is actually in NTFS format and viewable in all regions so I need to get Amazon to make the changes.

The sale page for the DVD is stored on another site, also I have listed on eBay for some extra SEO!


My Daily iPhone Blog (Not very exciting)

I've been playing with the new iPhone and learning how to upload pictures directly to a Blogger account. This is one of quickest blogs I've setup and with adjusting a few settings, creating an email address within Blogger, I was able to immediately email pictures directly from my iPhone to my blogs!!

The address of my iPhone blog is:

Since I've set this I've been trying to add different pictures each day, the pictures are nothing flash just random snaps of stuff through my day.

Blogger is nice easy to use service with lots of options to customise the look and feel of your blog with the added feature of including Google Ads. I was thinking of the different opportunities this could present for people or businesses where pictures could be uploaded to a site from anywhere in the world and viewed online.

It's something very easy to setup and took less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Although Blogger is easy to use I prefer the flexibility Wordpress offers.

Site Down Internal Error

Well the site was down. If you visited the site earlier I do apologise. I was playing with some folder structure from within wordpress and it all went wrong, and I didn't have access to an ftp program so I was kind of stuck. Lesson learned, BACK UP YOUR SITE !!!! before trying fix something that's not broken.

Luckily I had the theme backed up so I get to keep the layout but I still lost some of the posts.

Anyway we'll all up and running now. After a little searching through various tools I use, I manged to scrape some bits of my last 3 posts.

One of the tools I use emails back any search term or phrase that I want to track and one of those phrases is my name. Now when my name is published anywhere on the internet I get a link to that site and here's what I found:

Seems like my site was being indexed fairly quickly.