Google Apps Status Dashboard

I've not posted to my blog in a few months now and each day I find a new tool to blog about but then I find the next day has come around and a days work is well underway.  I'm busy working on a few projects I'll post more about soon but I wanted to tell you about this.

I just found this neat little tool and it's certainly one to bookmark.  There are a few services (paid & unpaid) which  I use daily and sometimes I want to be able to check the status of those services to ensure a site or business is not being effected.

The one I found today is for Google.  If  you use any/many/all of Google's services this is a must have in your bookmark folder.

Google Aps Status Dashboard

Check the status of a paticualr service.

Here's the full URL:

Adobe Flash Player Fix

If you have been noticing any bugs or strange happenings when uploading videos to YouTube or other video sharing sites you should consider getting the latest Flash Player.

You can also read an interesting article here about Adobe fixing seven flaws in the Flash Player.

I've just done my download!

Blue Screen Of Death - BSOD

The dreaded Blue Screen Of Death. Here's a link to a Blue Screen Error code list. This site is a MUST have in your bookmark list:

If you ever need to check the BSOD code just take the last characters from the first block of 0x00000051.

EG: 0x00000051

Remember the 51, visit the above site usually from a another working system, if your is Blue Screening on each boot, and check your error.

Usually running what's called a Check Disc repair (chkdsk /r) in the command prompt from the Operating Disc should fix it, well 8/10 times it works for me.

If the check disc does work, log into your system backup your data and do a full OS reinstall and start from fresh.

Create Nice Looking Web 2.0 Logos

OK, I'm giving away the secret, a few people have asked how I created my logo. I used Illustrator and will post a tutorial how I created it.

In the mean time if you want to have a nice looking Web 2.0 Logo with the reflections, gradients and light glares you'll probably want to watch this video.

Here's a good Photoshop Tutorial

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Video and tutorial by Alleba:

For my logo I used Illustrator as I realised I could create the same effect other ways, but my starting point was Bittbox.

Web 2.0 Logos

Another great tool was provided by, you can download a shape style to install into Photoshop which is just a one click to apply a style to your text. This works in Photoshop CS. If you want to continue your Web 2.0 theme then head over to Ajax Projects this article compares new an old looks.

Well Good Luck! with your logo development and please provide us with a link to any Logos you create.