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Examples Of Cross Marketing


A great method for finding new customers is by teaming up with a related business and referring each other to your existing clients.

Referrals are the most powerful marketing method you can get for your business. When a friend or business recommends you or your company it carries more weight than adverts, tweets or a Facebook post.

In this video I give you some examples of how a business can use cross marketing and the types of ways you can promote.

Your Take Away

I hope you got some benefit from this video and you make an effort to find a local business to do some cross marketing with. It's a WIN WIN for both companies, help promote them, they promote you and both companies should gain new customers. If you are only using Facebook to market your business then try some cross marketing.

Comment or Suggestions

Please post any comments or questions below and if you have any suggestion about this videos (lighting, content etc) I would love to hear them.