Do This Before Planning Your Goals

We often hear lots of people shouting about goal planning and writing S.M.A.R..T goals but until you know where your time is being spent each day there's no point trying to set any goals.

Try this one simple task to track where you time is being spent each day.

Step 1

Source a weekly planner that has time layout for each day of the week. You could make you own planner in Google Sheets that list each day and the time.

Here's my planner.


Step 2

Write down how you spend each hour of your day. Whatever you do in the hour write it down. If its Gym, Facebook, making videos, browsing the internet... whatever. Write it down into the time space for that day.

Step 3

Complete this simple process for 2 weeks to see where you are spending most of your time. This process will give you an overview of what times of the day you are most productive or what tasks you are wasting time on.


David Frosdick

David Frosdick creates and teaches online courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to start an online business or grow their current audience. He has produced online training for the last 10 yrs and can help you create your own projects online using content marketing and product creation skills. He believes everyone has a skill to share and it's possible to create a business out of your knowledge.