How To Grow Your Audience & Communicate With Them

In this video I cover ways that you, the business, owner can get noticed and communicate with your audience. If you are starting with no audience the first step is to build a list of email subscribers. If you already have an email subscriber list but you are not contacting them often enough then this process can help you. Remember you must keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

As always my ideas and methods can be applied to any business. You could be a:

  • Fitness coach
  • Recruiter Trainer
  • Personal Chef
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Dentist
  • Wine shop owners
  • Cafe owners

No matter what your business is you probably don't engage with your audience enough as you know you should. If you don't engage with your audience consistently then your future prospects will never hear about you and you risk losing them to a competitor.

How To Grow Your Audience

This videos applies to those of you who already own a business or sell products, course and training.


I hope you got some ideas from this video and that you can take away something and apply it in your business.

Personally I love applying automation into businesses I work with. Once you get email sequences built everything else can run on auto pilot.

Hi there, welcome back. It's David here, Today's video we're going to be talking about growing your audience and how you can build your profile or even get your products and your services out there on the web.

Some of you probably have a great idea, a new idea, you've even maybe completed a product, you just don't know how to get that moving, get some sales going. Some of you probably have a great idea you've set in your head you know what you're going to do and you're going to start working on your new business idea or your new model. This should give you a little bit of a kick start on how you can sort of start growing your audience and getting yourself out there. Now, I sent this to my email subscribers just before Christmas time and I got quite a good response back from people. It's just a little breakdown, a real quick mini course. I'm going to give it to you the same way, but really in a video format.

If you have products and services ready and you've already completed them, you could be a fitness coach, you could run your own business, you might run a hair salon, you might be a recruiter, you could run your own small cheese shop, wine shop. Whatever it is, if you've already got your product or services complete and your just trying to push them and grow your audience, then this little process will work. This little process will help you get yourself out there and start building up your email list or building your database of customers.

Idea number one is create yourself a little mini course. Now, no matter what business you are in, there's probably some room for some kind of educational training course. Some little course. It could be videos just like this. It could be like a PDF document that people download. It could be a course broken down in a four or five pages mini report or something. Some kind of mini course where you can educate them or train them and give them real good value about the service or the product that you sell. Keep that mind. Everything is about educating your audience about your products and your services. A mini course. It could be a four-part video series. It could be a seven-part mini series delivered over seven days, like my course on my site. It could be something where you're offering value and it's delivered over a long period of time or a short period time. Whatever it is, just create a mini course. Seven days is really not that long. It's enough time for someone to get to know you and it's also enough time to keep everything short and sweet where they can digest what they're learning. If you create a mini course which is so overwhelming, you're probably going to overwhelm your audience on what it is your trying to educate them about. Keep it short and sweet, something of value. Mini course. Create a mini course.

Once you got the mini course, you're going to need a squeeze page. By squeeze page what we mean is an area where people can put their name and email address on the website to get access to your mini course. You need a squeeze page set up, some kind of website basically where someone puts in their name. The reason we do this is because it builds your email list. This is going to be one of your best marketing tools for telling people about your products and services that you've already got complete and you want to sell.

Reason we do this, we got mini course, sell the squeeze page, so we can build our email list. What you should be thinking about doing is back to this whole content marketing thing and start creating content. Start creating good, valuable content, which you can put out and email your customers about. Say customers, put in prospects initially. If you create good content, and it could be anything, blog posts, videos, training, how-to articles. Once you post some good content on the web, you can send them an email now, because you've already collected their email. You can tell them about the new stuff that you're putting out there. If you're targeting the right people, they'll want to know about the new content you're putting out there. You create content and that can be podcasts, it could be PowerPoint presentations, recording the computer screen, anything like that, just some good, valuable content and get it out there consistently.

Once you created that content, obviously you got to publish it, so you pick your platform. Now, whether you're going to publish it on your own website or you're going to put it onto social media fan page, pick a platform to start with where you just start getting that content out there. Obviously, having your own website, you have more control over it. If these social media sites close down and you've been putting content on there and you have no way of getting it back, having your own website is a bit more control. Either way, just pick a platform and start putting that content out there that you start creating.

Next thing is, I put start a funnel, which I mean is start some kind of sales funnel. If you hear this word quite a lot, "sales funnel," you hear it in marketing especially in the IM industry you hear people talk about sales funnels. This can be applied cleverly to any business. It's really just a case of getting someone into your email list if you start to sell them a course or you want to sell them something. The start of a funnel can actually be the first engagement that you make with people. This could be first point of contact where you start telling about your content. Start a funnel and, obviously, to start your funnel will be probably be a squeeze page, they'll be opting in without obviously knowing they're falling into a sales funnel, some kind of process. Maybe. Whether you choose to do that ... It's not devious, you're not trying to trick them into it. Really what you want to do is educate them enough about your products and your services. That's what we mean by funnel.

Automate. Automate is the next part. Once you create your mini course and you create you some content and maybe your mini course is seven videos long. Once you create the process. Once you put the content out there, you want to automate the process of delivering that. If someone signs up to your email list, they join your email list, you then want to automate the delivery of your content. This can go on for a much, much longer time. There's people who have automated following up emails that just go on and on. Based on particular actions that someone takes in the email, they'll move them around different sequences. Getting quite technical, but you can have email platforms that have multiple sequences based on different agendas or different actions that a user takes. You might not know this, but sometimes if you get a marketing email from a big fashion company, you're making particular clicks on your email. You might be clicking on something which they've said and you go to their website and see it. While you've been clicking on that, they'll be tracking what you clicked on. You've just gone to the website to see what it was, but they're doing it cleverly, they'll be tracking that click to find out what you're doing and where you're going. They may even be putting you into another marketing sequence. That's where it becomes quite clever, when you start automating this process.

Next, I put repeat. By repeat I mean repeat great content. Keep producing great content every week, day, however often you put out there. I recommend getting something out there every week. Even getting in touch with your audience maybe twice a week and just educating them. Again, telling them about the new stuff you're doing and what you're working on and the content you're putting out there. Make sure you repeat this whole content creation process. This is going to be the hardest part of ... Putting out content and growing your audience. If you do this right and you put out great content, you'll hopefully be targeting the correct people who'll be coming back and finding and learning about your products and your services which you've already completed.

One way you can quickly, quickly speed up the whole process of building and growing your audience is by getting traffic. Now, if you have an internet business, that is one word you're going to hear often, probably drive you mad. It's such a big topic, but it's often missed by people. They don't focus enough time on that. Obviously, one real way to speed up this whole process is running some ads online. With them ads, you would just send them directly to that squeeze page. One thing I would say is if you're going to go and spend ads, you want to make you're really targeting your audience. Don't just go and run an ad on Facebook or Google ... If it's just a squeeze page, if you're sending ads directly to squeeze page, go onto Facebook and do that. Don't just go and start an ad and just send out and set your budget for 10 bucks a day or whatever. You want to make sure you're targeting your audience. You want to know who your audience is before you starting running some ads. This is a real good way to start traffic.

That's really the video based off the email I sent my subscribers. If you follow this little process and you get some good automation in place, once you start pulling traffic and you're pouring the traffic into your squeeze page, or even into your sales funnel, the automation process of delivering your mini course and delivering more content will help you build and grow your audience. Now, whether they're coming onto your fan page or they're going into email list, personally I would say get on your email list because you can have more direct interaction. You can email them straight away and say there's a new article posted on my blog, go and watch it or there's a new video on my YouTube channel, go and see it. That's really it. If you follow that kind of process, get into sort of the method of automation. Automating everything that you can do when it comes to delivering your mini course.

If you've got these products finished, you've done that, start a little mini course maybe to promote these products. Then just follow this whole little sequence through. In another video I'm going to cover this whole sales funnel thing and how it works and how you can automate the whole process even using a service like Aweber. Creating content, we cover that in another video on how you can create contents and ideas of content creation.


David Frosdick

David Frosdick creates and teaches online courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to start an online business or grow their current audience. He has produced online training for the last 10 yrs and can help you create your own projects online using content marketing and product creation skills. He believes everyone has a skill to share and it's possible to create a business out of your knowledge.