Learning PHP with XAMPP

  Whilst I'm playing around with Wordpress I thought it would be best to start learning more php code. After a couple of days of searching and reading how to manually install php and apache (for Windows) locally on my system I came across XAMPP a one click install program that does it all for you.

It's like an out the box and ready to install package, run the .EXE file which will install APache, MySql and FileZilla if you want it, and it's done!! That's it!! No more reading, more time to code!!

Once you have XAMPP installed you navigate from your web browser to http://localhost/xampp/which shows the the main user interface with links to tools, scripts and tutorials.


From the XAMPP welcome page you can also directly link to phpMyAdmin where you can create as many Databases locally as you please.


What I liked about XAMPP was the ease of installation, within a few clicks I was up and running and testing PHP code locally, XAMPP also has a mini control panel accessible from the tray icon in the taskbar. The control panel allows you to stop and start the Apche/MySql servers access the admin control panels and get status updates.


Anyway back to learning some more PHP.

David Frosdick

David Frosdick creates and teaches online courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to start an online business or grow their current audience. He has produced online training for the last 10 yrs and can help you create your own projects online using content marketing and product creation skills. He believes everyone has a skill to share and it's possible to create a business out of your knowledge.