Notre Dame migrates students and alumni to Google Apps, saving $1.5M

Notre Dame migrates students and alumni to Google Apps, saving $1.5M and increasing student satisfaction by 36%

This is a great case study showing the advantages of Google Apps in your business.

I recorded my Google Apps videos a couple of years back and since then I have used Google Apps  email service on many sites I've developed for personal projects and client web sites.

Bringing Google's services to your domain name is a real advantage to your businesses.  It allows you to use and share information between employees just you like you would at home sharing information with family and friends.

You get the full email protection that Gmail offers, bringing the spam in your inbox down to nearly zero! If you are considering using Google Apps or you are even looking into a email filtering service for your business, take a moment to read this case study (PDF).  You can read the full article at Google's Blog.

If you are interested in using Google Apps in your business or switching to Google Apps for your  small business web site, then get in touch.

David Frosdick

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