Using Direct Mail For Upsells & Subscription Renewals

In the early 2000 direct mail was still strong and being competed with by email marketing. My letter box at home would be full of promotion, direct mail campaigns and offers.

As I worked in the marketing space I started to receive a lot of th edirect mail offers from various gurus.

Rather than putting all these letters in the bin I would save them for reference and copywriting ideas. Remember some companies would pay thousands for a copywriter to craft a sales letter.

Why would you put something so valuable in the trash?

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30 YouTube Videos In 30 Days

I did it! I set myself a challenge to create 30 videos in 30 days during November.


Video =  Vid

November = Vember

I had wanted to start this a few months back in September but life got in the way and I got busy with things. I really kept making excuses not to do it and I knew I had to get back in the game and get myself in front of people.

I've made a lot of videos online mostly screencast tutorials and some face to camera videos.

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11 Ways To Write More Content

I speak to new bloggers who say writing content is the hardest task they face. They have lots of content to share but never manage to get it written down. They give up too easily and pay someone to write articles for them.

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