Share Your Content With Clicktotweet

If you publish content online you will like this simple and easy to use tool. It allows your site visitors to easily share your content with a few clicks.

If you read a previous article on this blog you may have noticed near a quote a link saying Tweet This. The link is a Twitter message that people can click to tweet.

Watch the video below and I will show you how I use to produce ready made twitter messages that your site visitors can tweet.

Click To Tweet is a great tool for generating ready made tweets. You can add any text you want and with one click your followers can share your pre-written message.

The video below shows you how easy it is to produce a tweet and create a link on your web page.

Here's a few tips I found when testing it:

  • Use a URL shorting service for the link back to your article. This saves characters in your tweet
  • Add your ID like @davidfrosdick inside the message so other people can discover you
  • Include a quote in your tweet or reference a quote in your article. Quote are always popular in social media networks

Why Use It

Tools like clicktotweet are used to encourage your visitors to share your content and drive other people back to your web site.

It's simple tools like this that help you create easy clickable messages on your site. It used to be quite complex to produce a clickable twitter message but now anyone can do it.

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David Frosdick

David Frosdick creates and teaches online courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to start an online business or grow their current audience. He has produced online training for the last 10 yrs and can help you create your own projects online using content marketing and product creation skills. He believes everyone has a skill to share and it's possible to create a business out of your knowledge.