twitter OK, so what's twitter?

It launched a while ago and I never joined but it appears it is certainly catching on over the web.

Twitter is a great little application running on Ruby that allows user to update their Twitter via Mobile, IM the web and various other plug-ins and tools which have been developed.

It's like the new age blog where people can interact and follow their friends (if you have any).

Unfortunately I couldn't grab a screenshot of twitter as the site was down for unplanned maintenance but when I visited the site and got this nice little message giving me the news.

It's amazing how an image can change your mood.

If you want to join the Twitter bug go set up an account and spread the word.

From my latest twitter you will notice that my system Blue Screened recently.  The first BSOD was last week so I purchase a new Dell from eBay as a backup.

So while setting up Firefox 3 on the new system I founds a little Add-on for Firefox which allows me to Twitter directly form my browser, another reason to use Firefox!

David Frosdick

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