Video Review: Using Wordpress and Thesis Theme, WHY?

I redesigned my blog over the last couple of months and after I changed my mind a few times, I stumbled onto Thesis.  Like many of you I have downloaded hundreds of blog themes and if you are like me then you may find it hard to choose a design.

That's when I found Thesis.  Thesis is by far the best Wordpress theme I've ever used and it is a little overwhelming at the start but it provides an extensive array of user feature allowing you to customize how your site looks in a matter of clicks.  This may seem a little restricted for some of you but if you are confident coding CSS then this theme is your blogging oyster.

This Thesis video gives you a quick overview of it and how I designed this site.


There are many Thesis tutorials out there but the chap you must follow is the teenage blogger Alex Fraiser.  Man can that guy code some nice sites.  I highly recommend you subscribe to his feed over at Blogussion & Asino also check out Greg Rickaby, he is clearly excellent at what his does.

See the tutorial below which inspired my design.

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Interested in starting a freelance business based around Thesis

If you have any questions about Thesis then please ask in the comment section below.

8 Thesis theme design tips to make your blog better

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