Your MemberGate Webmaster

Looking for someone to edit your MemberGate site? Want someone who knows their way around MemberGate and can comfortably make changes to layout, design and configuration?

Want someone you can trust?

Here's a short list of the MemberGate and WordPress I've worked on.

Most of these site are based in the US, please take into consideration that these sites are all live or launching soon.

Site: Screencast Central Site: SBGC Site: Recruiter Training Site: Women’s Community Site: GS Heaven Site: Harvest Eating Site: Re-Fresha


Here's some of the most recent sites I've worked on and some I'm still working with.



My work on these site varies from content editing, SSL Installations, Protx, video editing, graphic design, uploading videos, transferring content, Aweber integration, marketing, consulting, custom headers, DVD production, preparing sites for launch or anything else the site owners require.

My work with MemberGate site owners comes mostly through word and mouth and contacts form this site.


If you are interested in purchasing MemberGate and would like to speak with me then use the contact form here or drop a comment below.

David Frosdick

David Frosdick creates and teaches online courses for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to start an online business or grow their current audience. He has produced online training for the last 10 yrs and can help you create your own projects online using content marketing and product creation skills. He believes everyone has a skill to share and it's possible to create a business out of your knowledge.