You can now manage your Twitter follows by adding them to lists.   A great way to organise your followers, friends, work colleagues, hobby’s, businesses etc add them to a list.

This Twitter video shows you how to setup and add new users to your newly created Twitter lists.

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

I'm David Frosdick, a content marketer & course creator. I spend my days working with OptimizePress, producing my own online courses and mostly seeing what's working online with marketing and selling products.

    1 Response to "How to Organise Your Twitter Account With New Lists"

    • Sean

      Thanks David.

      Appreciate the video. I have seen the new feature but hadn’t got around to looking at it. A quick explanation in non technical talk is a nice little short cut to understand things.



      PS – Would be interested in a quick explanation of commentluv and the HTML tags and attributes

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