I wrote this post a few weeks ago about a DVD project I had completed bu t I hadn't really posted much about the DVD itself.

The DVD was really a tester project for me to learn all the skills needed to produce a DVD.

The good news is that it's now listed on Amazon and ready for sale. The DVD is actually in NTFS format and viewable in all regions so I need to get Amazon to make the changes.

The sale page for the DVD is stored on another site, also I have listed on eBay for some extra SEO!


David Frosdick
David Frosdick

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    2 replies to "My DVD Listed on Amazon"

    • Alan Who


      Is it really the easy to get products listed on Amazon?

      When people buy on Amazon, who is sending out the DVD’s? Do the DVD’s come from an Amazon warehouse? Your bedroom? Or a fulfillment centre?

    • David

      They do come from my bedroom initially but I have to send them to Amazon.

      Amazon place an order with me, say for two DVD’s.

      I ship those to Amazon, once they have the stock the DVD becomes active on their site.

      Your products must have a UPC (Bar Code) Code on them to list them on Amazon.

      My DVD’s have a US UPC code and Amazon are listing my DVD’s as PAL format, which they are not.

      My DVD’s can be viewed on any region DVD player so I need to get this fixed.

      I’ll meet you for a coffee and we can chat some more.


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