The Essential Tools You For Online Marketing

All my top recommended tools in one place. From banking apps to web services, payment gateways and more

Here are all the tools and services I use and ones that I highly recommend you use to grow your business. I have used each of these tools and still do.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please note I have experience with and use these tools in my own business, and I recommend them because they are useful.

The Priority Tools

These 3 tools are all you need to get started selling anything online.


This is the tool I use for email marketing, segmenting my list and building automated sequences.


This is my shopping cart tool for selling physical and digital products with multiple payment options.


This is my go to tool for building high quality landing pages and sites. It integrates with the tools I use below.

Website & hosting

These tools are all you need to get started selling anything online.


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Gmail - For email on my domain name.
Google Drive - For file storage & organisation.
Slack - For daily team communication.
Google Backup & Sync - Backup entire computer folders.
Zoom - For video calls, meetings when you want recordings.
Skype - Calls, video calls, group calls.
Google Voice - Main USA phone number.
Freshworks - International phone numbers.
Starling Bank - The best mobile bank ever!
FreeAgent - Accounting, payroll, SA, Tax and invoicing.
1Password - For managing all my passwords
Evernote - For note take and storing everything in life.
iCloud Drive -  Sharing files between Macs and iPhone.
Skitch - Quick screenshots and they save to Evernote.
VPN - Private network for when working on public WiFi.
Scannable - iPhone App scanner syncs to Evernote.
Receipt Bank - Scanning receipts for expense.


GoDaddy - Primary source for domain names.
WordPress - Running this website.
Cloudways - Hosting on real servers for serious bloggers.
Bluehost - Hosting for new bloggers just starting out.
Namecheap - For buying domains with free 1 year whois privacy.
Squarespace - For designing websites that require minimal functions. Take my free Squarespace Masterclass.
ConvertKit - For email marketing, email courses, and automation (Get a free 30 day trial!).
Teachable - For hosting online courses.
Manychat - Messenger marketing.

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