The Tools

All my top recommended tools in one place.

Here are all the tools and services I use and ones that I highly recommend you use to grow your business. I have used each of these tools and still do.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please note I have experience with and use these tools in my own business, and I recommend them because they are useful.

The Priority Tools

These 3 tools are all you need to get started selling anything online.


Step 1

This is the tool I use for email marketing, segmenting my list and building automated sequences.


Step 1

This is my shopping cart tool for selling physical and digital products with multiple payment options.


Step 1

This is my go to tool for building high quality landing pages and sites. It integrates with the tools I use below.

Website & hosting

These tools are all you need to get started selling anything online.


Step 1

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Gmail - For email on my domain name.
Google Drive - For file storage & organisation.
Slack - For daily team communication.
Google Backup & Sync - Backup entire computer folders.
Zoom - For video calls, meetings when you want recordings.
Skype - Calls, video calls, group calls.
Google Voice - Main USA phone number.
Freshworks - International phone numbers.
Starling Bank - The best mobile bank ever!
FreeAgent - Accounting, payroll, SA, Tax and invoicing.
1Password - For managing all my passwords
Evernote - For note take and storing everything in life.
iCloud Drive -  Sharing files between Macs and iPhone.
Skitch - Quick screenshots and they save to Evernote.
VPN - Private network for when working on public WiFi.
Scannable - iPhone App scanner syncs to Evernote.
Receipt Bank - Scanning receipts for expense.


GoDaddy - Primary source for domain names.
WordPress - Running this website.
Cloudways - Hosting on real servers for serious bloggers.
Bluehost - Hosting for new bloggers just starting out.
Namecheap - For buying domains with free 1 year whois privacy.
Squarespace - For designing websites that require minimal functions. Take my free Squarespace Masterclass.
ConvertKit - For email marketing, email courses, and automation (Get a free 30 day trial!).
Teachable - For hosting online courses.
Manychat - Messenger marketing.