#Vidvember 30 Videos in 30 Days

The latest video is published below.

So what is #vidvember?

Vidvember is an online challenge inspired by Chris Ducker where I’ll publish a new video every day for the month of November 2016 (Vidvember).

You can follow along here, on my social networks or even better you could join in!

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Catchup On All The Videos!

The Official Hashtag is… #vidvember

I’ll be sharing marketing tips, knowledge, productivity tips and all general content about publishing online, making products and other tech related stuff to help you either make the next step and push you further with your products.

It may even inspire you!!

Want To Join in?

Please do!

If there’s something you want to achieve over the next 30 days why not start your own 30 day challenge?

I’ll be publishing videos but yours could be writing, exercise, drinking more water, emailing your customers valuable content… Man, go crazy and create a video for YouTube every day!!!

If you do post any videos or start something then please use the hashtag #vidvember so I can follow along.

I Would Love Your Help

I know I’m nuts for doing this but I’d love your help to spread the word. If you like any of the videos please share them on your social accounts using the hashtag #vidvember and if there’s any questions you have please contact me or post in the comment section on YouTube under each video.

Wish me luck!

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