Measure Your Marketing With Google Analytics Goal Conversions


If you want to measure your marketing activities then start using Google Analytics and setting up Goals for tracking conversions. Goals in Google Analytics allows you to see your conversion rates from your marketing efforts. When you are running a number of different online promotions it makes sense to see which promotions are performing better by tracking conversion…

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Template: Video sales page for OptimizePress


I often get asked by my clients if I can build a web page or site that looks identical to that of another company, competitor or just a page they see on the web and like. That exact question spurred on this blog post to show you a page I recently made. Before I show you the…

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Using the OptimizePress Overlay on any site


If you used OptimizePress you will love their recently added Overlay feature. The Overlay module compliments to two-step mini commitment opt-in process. This is already proving to convert better than the average optin form on blog post and even landing pages. People had previously asked if they can add the Overlay to thier blog post and…

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Webinar Replay: Content Creation Ideas


Need ideas for your next blog post, social media updates, videos, webinars and more? This webinar will you how easy it is to generate new fresh content to use in your content marketing. Content creation is not really that hard but it can take a little time to craft the perfect blog post. Some people will spend hours…

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Webinar Replay – Top Tools For Product Creation & Marketing


Here’s is the webinar replay from June 18th. In this webinar we look at the tools you can use to start creating information products and marketing your business. Make sure you register for our next webinar July 2nd at 9pm.

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Tips For Getting Good Quality HD Videos On The Web


As the use of videos continues to increase and become more accessible on multiple devices, now is a good time to start using it in your business. I’m working with a small business using videos to help increase customer awareness of their products, drive traffic to products pages, generate new leads and educate customers how…

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How To Grow Your Audience & Communicate With Them


In this video I cover ways that you, the business, owner can get noticed and communicate with your audience. If you are starting with no audience the first step is to build a list of email subscribers. If you already have an email subscriber list but you are not contacting them often enough then this…

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What Is Marketing?


What is this marketing talk all about? Everyone is influenced by marketing one way or another. It’s all around us. It makes the economy move. Businesses market their products to make sales, sales help growth, growth creates jobs, businesses create more products and begin marketing again. In theory that’s the process, it doesn’t always work…

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How To Track Your ROI On Print Advertising


Business owners are still spending money on print advertising as its a proven way to reach a target audience in your target area. There are hundreds of small print magazines in cities and towns throughout the UK and many of the adverts in these magazines offer nothing other than information. In this weeks video I…

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Examples Of Cross Marketing


A great method for finding new customers is by teaming up with a related business and referring each other to your existing clients. Referrals are the most powerful marketing method you can get for your business. When a friend or business recommends you or your company it carries more weight than adverts, tweets or a…

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