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Welcome to the 10 years in marketing podcast. This is going to be a brain dump of ideas and things I’ve learned over the last 10 years in marketing online, creating products, courses and working with small businesses.

Each episode will be short and sweet with some actionable items, lessons or ideas you can try in your own business.

I started a podcast back in 2016 but never continued it so now I’m back with even more knowledge to share.

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Video & Transcript

Hello and welcome to the 10 years in marketing podcast. This is going to really be a brain dump of like ideas and things I’ve learned over the last 10 years in marketing so I actually started a podcast back in 2016, so it was long time ago, I started that podcast and I launched it, had a few interviews lined up, had all the intro and everything down, had a voiceover done.

I think I rolled out three episodes in that podcast and it was good. It was fun. Got It going. I just didn’t carry on I didn’t feel there was nothing really going on with it at the time. And, you know, if I had carried on running that podcast, it would probably be quite big right now anyway. Life gets in the way.

Things get busy and at that time in my life, membership sites were big they were taking off, you know, that’s the kind of thing that we were getting involved with. So that was good and fun. Um, but the podcast itself, you know, this one I want to do now is really just teaching stuff that I know things that I test, things I do and we have a few businesses in different niches.

And really just share what I’m working on. Um, you know, through the week and month or if I learned something new, I get to test quite a few things. I work with OptimizePress mainly and that’s so important to see how the marketing world is changing. And I get to see a lot of sites, get to test a lot of things, get to research a lot of things in marketing. Um, so it’s brilliant. Really. So this podcast is going to be me, brain dumping some ideas and things that I have, um, you know, ideas that I have that maybe I could share, ideas that different angles I could probably put on what you do in your own business.

But I want to keep them all very short, short bite-sized length of podcast around the 10-minute mark because I think you don’t probably want to be listening to another hour, two-hour long podcast. Some of them out there are great but I want to do mine short and sweet. I want to keep them short, short enough that people can take it and digest information and maybe have something to go away with an then back to another episode. So I’m gonna try and keep them all around that, that 10-minute mark.

That’s really the plan. So, you know, this is the first episode really just to tell you what it’s about, how it’s going to work and not going to share things that I’m doing, like even how I set up and run this podcast, all that kind of stuff.

Membership sites, courses. You know when membership sites were taking off back in 2016 even before that, the sort of course industry wasn’t even out as much as membership sites, although it was still kind of courses, online courses, they were online membership sites. And what we used to do is create DVDs.

I originally learned, creating an online course or creating a course as such but putting it onto DVD and onto CD Roms and then we package those CD roms using services like Kunaki, which is still around today. And you would upload your DVD file or CD Rom file to Kentucky and then from there you’d get listed onto Amazon.

So that kind of thing that I used to do and membership sites we’re running as well. So I used to create a couple of my own training DVDs or CDs we had initially it was DVD, so it’s like a DVD, you’d go put it in the DVD player, use the menu on the controller to navigate through and watch the training DVD.

Even though the DVD itself was like a screen recording, you know, like a recording of a tutorial you’ve made. And then what happened that sort of then became CD’s it made it easier for people to produce. We could produce a CD Roms much simpler, making a DVD menu and testing. It was quite a lot of work but then we went down the CD Rom roots, um, and the CD Roms just put them in the computer and the menu loads up. And I learned all this kind of stuff from a gentleman and a chap called Bill Myers and that’s

I learned everything I know about marketing through his membership site at the time and he ran a software company called MemberGate and I ended up working with, MemberGate that was purchased by another man called Tim Kirber who became a close friend and I worked for him. I worked for MemberGate dental, all support and things for them. That was a brilliant insight into seeing what was going on in the world of marketing and we’ve got to see behind some huge sites that are run by, you know, some of the biggest marketers, then, and even now, you know, the people who had those sites.

So we’ve got to see a lot, got to learn the law, got to work alongside Tim, which is great. So that was kind of how things were evolving for me in the podcast. Just didn’t have time to do it and run it. But now everything’s changed quite a lot. You know, people say gonna run a podcast, you need to do this, this and this, you know. And then Anchor roles out. Is a new podcast platform which rolled out and they’ve really simplified the whole podcast processes, they’ve made it free hosting.

But you can get the app on your phone and you know, record and start a podcast. And it’s actually so easy to reach people through podcasting. And it’s a very good medium because it doesn’t require you lots of video camera content. You know, you haven’t got to sit and write for hours. I’ve written articles for OptimizedPress that have taken me two, three days to put together some of them like three, 4,000 words long, you know, and they’re short in considerable terms of some of the biggest and best content out there.

I know it’s like to produce content and different platforms and mediums. I publish a video on my youtube channel. I’m trying to go down the route of doing one every week. I had a little break holiday break, which is sort of kill that process, but I need to get back on that and just to try and keep, you know, putting out different forms of content.

So I’ve been there, I’ve tried a lot of the content delivery, ways that you can promote, you know, your business and is why podcasting actually so easy because I can talk for 10 minutes about something I’ve learned, tested and I can then use that and get it on my blog and hopefully reach other people who are listening to podcasts about marketing.

That’s really where this is going. There’ll be lots of stuff. Things I work on, clients I work with. I had to have a couple of clients, just stuff that I test, you know, things that I work and look at their sites. I have some friends that have fairly big businesses and I often get asked to help out with the odd little thing. Some of them have, um, you know, either online e-commerce sites, some of them just have static kind of websites, but they want help with marketing.

And my wife runs a business in the clothing industry with her business partner. They use Shopify so we get to see quite a lot of stuff in the e-commerce side and in the email marketing side with the list building and stuff like that. So that’s kind of what I want to be sharing with a one through my own podcast. So that’s really it.

That’s the first episode in this series and I’m gonna be back soon and your ears with some more content and maybe teach you something that you haven’t yet tried or even just give you an idea of something you can try yourself.

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David Frosdick
David Frosdick

I'm David Frosdick a content marketer & course creator. I spend my days working with OptimizePress, coaching clients, producing online courses, digital products and generally seeing what's working online with marketing. Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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    • Roy Ripper

      Great to hear that you’re back in the game with podcasting. You have such great knowledge and now you can get it out to an even bigger audience.

      Love the format, duration and most of all your content – Priceless!

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