I speak to new bloggers who say writing content is the hardest task they face. They have lots of content to share but never manage to get it written down. They give up too easily and pay someone to write articles for them.

If you find writing new content hard you have to ask yourself – Am I writing about a topic I enjoy?

If you are not passionate about the topic, writing content will be much harder.

Content flows with passion. Tweet this.

Most successful blog owners write about topics they LOVE. They are so passionate about the topics they go to any length to learn new information and then write about their experiences. On the other hand, successful authors are different. They shut themselves off from the world and focus for days on writing parts of their book.

Everyone will have different ways to be productive. Those who find their zone are the ones who consistently produce content, complete projects and get things done!

They are doers!


Here are some ways to be a productive writer whether you are struggling to write content for your own blog or even finishing a book.

Not all of these ways would appeal to all but it’s what works for me. You have to find your own comfort zone where you are most productive.

1. Mobile

Get mobile – if you have a smart phone or ipad use the notes function to write in. WordPress also has an app which allows you to connect to your blogs and write draft posts.

Being mobile is the best option. It allows you to write anywhere. Fair enough the iPhone keyboard is small or not suitable for all but I can get enough content written and then edit it via the browser later.

2.Public Transport

Take the bus. Rather than being stressed driving everywhere take the bus every now again. If I need to pop into town I use public transport. The 20 minute journey allows me to write a new blog post or work on existing content. You can guess what I do for the bus journey home, another 20 mins of content written.

3. Rise Early

Get up 1 hour earlier. This is obvious for any form of productivity but getting up early allows you to work and focus on one thing. I have days where I can get more work done in the morning than I do on other full days.

4. Time Blocking

Try time blocking. A great way to zone in is to work in time blocks. Unplug for 1 hour a day just to write. If you plan to write all day then take 5/10 minute breaks every 40 minutes and walk away from your desk. Obviously if things are flowing then you don’t have to stop at set times but do take a breather.

5. Bullet Lists

If starting from scratch use a bullet list. Start with a list of 10 keywords. Next write a sub list of 5 keywords under the 10 keywords. Next write a paragraph about each of the 5 keywords in more details. You will have an written article before you know it! Try it!

6. Reward

Reward yourself often. Set a target to write one article a week but reward yourself when it’s complete. Acknowledge your own success it will give you confidence.

7. The Zone

Find your zone. If you are more productive listening to music then put music on. If you like quiet spaces then find somewhere quiet. Where I live I can walk to the beach and sit in peace and type on my phone or iPad. You have to know which spaces you find to be more productive.

8. Get Digital

Do it digitally. I always write on iPhone, iPad or computer so I can simply copy and paste. If you write by hand you then have to get the text into digital format. I’ve seen people try and do this. They have to fax stuff to themselves or scan hand written content. It’s more work trying to convert the text than writing it.

9. Consistency

Do it often! The more you write the easier it gets. If you start writing regular in time blocks or set days then over time you will notice that it becomes easier to quickly switch into writing mode. If your are blogging and writing then your confidence will grow the more you write.

10. Hydrate

Drink water and replenish body fluids! Stay re-hydrated when writing it will keep your mind buzzing.

11. Dictate

If you have a smart phone get the Dragon Dictation App. This app allows you to speak into your phone and it converts your voice to text. It does require a little learning on how to use the app correctly but it can save you hours of time.

Get Started

Once you find your zone the productivity will come.

Are you a doer?

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

I'm David Frosdick, a content marketer & course creator. I spend my days working with OptimizePress, producing my own online courses and mostly seeing what's working online with marketing and selling products.

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