H e was set a challenge by his members to rebrand and sell a product live and decided to donate all profits to Haiti fund.

Where: Live at the Park Inn Heathrow
When: Saturday 23rd January 2010
Why: For charity mate (and to show people it can be done)

Nick James yesterday was given the challenge to sell a product live and I was invited to speak at the event about blogging and how blogging can help you in ANY business.  I think my talk whet well and I hopefully encouraged some people to try blogging.

The last I heard was 200+ orders came in within 24 hours!! Thanks to everyone!!

To see the site go to 24hourproductformula.com and you can see the sales page for the product Nick sold.  To see the blog add /blog on the end and you can see the blog we are still working on.  There's some more articles to add to the blog which will all to help with getting the site listed in the search engines and to help give some insight into product development.

I'll post a little more about the event later and maybe add a video or two of my presentation.  You can see some pictures at Twitpic.

It was great day all round  and I'm gutted if I didn't get a chance to speak with you.  To those I did speak with keep at it and get your first product online soon as you can.

Thanks for listening to my presentation.

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

I'm David Frosdick a content marketer & course creator. I spend my days working with OptimizePress, coaching clients, producing online courses, digital products and generally seeing what's working online with marketing. Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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