You have probably seen these videos flying round the internet.  I was actually surprised to see the videos about a week before all the gurus started emailing the video to everyone.  Must be the power of Twitter I suppose.

After seeing the videos it really changed the way I will look at future projects.  This can work for anyone in any business or life challenge, watch the video to see what I mean, I also created a FREE PDF you can download.

The advice was EXCELLENT you must watch the videos if you have not seen them, in fact I liked the videos that much I created myself a PDF of  the Tony Robbin formula (thinking process) and posted it on my wall in my home office and also made it free for download below.

4 ways to achieve results

  1. Belief: Your belief is powerful.  Make a way for things to happen.  “I’m going to find way”.
  2. Potential: When in a state of certainty from your Belief you then tap into Potential.
  3. Action: When you are certain in your Potential you take Action.
  4. Results: When you take Action (and believe in something) you get great results.  When you get results you have stronger Beliefs.

Your beliefs become stronger and you get momentum.


Here’s how it looks, it’s nothing fancy but will make more sense once you have seen the videos.

Tony Robbins Formual PDF
Tony Robbins Formula PDF

Part 1

Tony Robbins Part 1
Tony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern & John Reese

Tony grills Frank and John but reveals some excellent thinking pattens.

Watch Part 1 here (opens new window)

Part 2

Tony Robbins Part 2
Tony Robbins Interview with John Reese

John shares some in depth information into his success.

Watch Part 2 (opens new window)

Download your FREE PDF

Download the Action Formula here

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

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    7 replies to "4 Ways To Achieve Results Like Tony Robbins"

    • Elanor

      That first video really did have some a great information. Thanks for the pdf file.

    • karen

      I printed off your pdf and shared it with some people I coach. The principles behind that method are excellent. The feedback from my group was very positive. Thank you for making this free.


    • Raja Hireker

      Hi David,

      Yes, it’s an interesting snapshot A. Robbins gave about things.

      And of course, one doesn’t need the belief part, whatsoever.

      Suppose, we didn’t have to do the inner mantra to get us to BELIEVE what it is we do, say or want, and… we just DID IT without needing to have a belief about it?

      What I’ve found is that too many people get hung up about this need to BELIEVE, that it stops them cold from venturing forth, from rising up, from getting what they want.

      That used to stop me stone cold.

      We don’t need to believe anything. We just DO THE THING and we’ll have the power… right?

      One doesn’t need to believe that they’re a writer – all they have to do is write and they’re a writer.

      Same reasoning applies to anything.

      “Look ma, no belief needed!”

      (P.S Good meeting you at Nick’s event last weekend)

      • David

        Hi Raja,

        Thanks for stopping by.

        Great to meet you too, we will speak more next time 🙂

        We spoke about this hey, people should stop making excuses and just do this stuff, get writing, filming, interviewing ect etc Just do it!!

        All the best!!
        .-= David´s last blog ..Google’s New Fade In Home Page =-.

    • Raja Hireker

      Hey David,

      Here’s something super super important – we only make excuses when we’re not firmed up on our PURPOSE. When we have a specific purpose about our business, our health, our finances, our relationships, etc… then we’ll DO the stuff that’s necessary.

      People don’t do the stuff they know they should and they make excuses, because, their purpose is all wonky and bent and so there’s this inner tussle between what they think they want, and what they really want.

      It’s all simply down to a weak or strong, purpose.

      And the strength or fragility of our own purpose? Well, that’s merely our own creation


      (David, drop by my website, grab the email and drop me a note. I don’t have your email and can’t seem to see one on your website)

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