There is always someone trying to grab your data and last week I nearly got caught out myself. I've made a video showing how you can easily spot fake email where people are phishing for your login credentials or getting you to visit a page where they install scripts on your computer through a web browser.

I had been away for few days and I was clearing up some email. I always make a point of skimming my junk mail,  just in case something has slipped through and then I delete it all.

As I upload regular videos to my YouTube Channel I suddenly noticed an admin mail from YouTube which looked similar to the copy of YouTube's email notices.

After seeing that email I thought it was a mistake and clicked on the mail inside Gmail spam folder to take a closer look. By default Gmail disables images to protect you so I didn't have to worry about viewing the email. When I opened the email it was identical to what YouTube send out when you have a notice or copyright warning on your account.

If in doubt, don't click it [Tweet This]

Luckily the content of the email didn't make sense to me because I knew I hadn't upload a video for about 2 weeks and I wasn't waiting on a video to be approved.

The Video Tip

This video below shows an easy way to check links before you click on them. There's no tools needed just simply hover over the link and look for the location. In this example you will see the location didn't match the email content.

If you are ever in doubt of suspicious mail then don't click on any links.

Simply go to your browser, type in the web address of the company and visit the site manually rather than clicking links in mail.

Do you have any tools or scripts that protect you from suspicious email?

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

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