Sometimes projects we start just don't feel right… you know what I mean? The ones where you get a gut feeling that it just isn't right.

Well this is how I thought with InternetMarketingResouce. I wanted to use that site as my base for teaching marketing online but something just didn't feel right so I ditched it.

I purchased the domain years ago with big plans for it and the more I started saying the URL the more I didn't like it. I don't think “internet marketing” should be used as a job description like some people use it.

If you have projects on the back burner, unused domains, half built websites, half finished products make a decision to end them or finish them in the next 7 days.

Stop renewing domain names you haven't used for the last two years! Seriously! If you have been renewing a domain for more than 2 years and you have done nothing with it just let it go. Face the facts, you will never do anything with it for the next 2 years. Let it go and move on.

Have a web project clean up and focus the time on what you want do. I've ditched most of my old domains and put my energy into building my WordPress training site and my new marketing club which is launching soon.

So what's my plan?

As you may have already noticed I redesigned this blog and I'm going to use it as my base for writing tutorials, sharing product ideas, productivity tips and family life. As I work from home (and the occasional coffee shop) family is a big part of my day I have to learn ways to be more productive with my time. As productivity fits into everyones life. I will share my tips here on this blog. has been shut down and redirects here, eventually I will turn off the domain. I'm working on building a new marketing club where I will share everything I've learned about marketing, making products, getting traffic, WordPress, product development etc


Learn From It!

If you find a project you are working on doesn't feel right then stop. You can waste time and energy trying to make it work. I've wasted hours trying to decide if was right and in the end I just closed it and moved on.

Making the decision to stop it felt great! It gave me a clear head to focus my energy on new content for this blog, and my new marketing club.

If you have any similar experiences please share them below.

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

I'm David Frosdick a content marketer & course creator. I spend my days working with OptimizePress, coaching clients, producing online courses, digital products and generally seeing what's working online with marketing. Thanks for visiting my blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    2 replies to "Don’t Waste Time Like This"

    • martyn01202

      Thanks for the Podcast, David. It’s probably the most comprehensive one I’ve heard for beginners and covers everything you need to get the right mindset in order to get started. On the ‘domain name’ front, yes, I’ve been sat on dozens for years and, unless you are actually DOING something with them, ie, have a site attached, then it is best to cut your losses and dump them … especially if they have a niche keyword in them that you’re never going to use. However, some domains become valuable with age and where you will get better rankings if you are using an old domain rather than a brand new one you just created. I’m very impressed with this website and info it contains, well done!

      • David Frosdick

        Thanks for commenting Martyn! I give myself a year. If I haven’t built a site by then I let it expire 🙂

        I may start selling the keyword domains. Episode 2 of podcast coming soon!

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