Here's a video showing how you convert your GoToWebinar WMV file to a friendly format for rendering to MP4 from Camtasia.

Thanks to Glenndcitrix who coded a batch file here which removes the GoToWebinar Codec allowing you to import the WMV into Camtasia and then render to MP4.

1. Download the batch convertor
2. Unzip the convertor
3. Copy your raw .WMV GoToWebinar recording to the same folder as the batch file
4. Open GoToWebinar and get your build number
5. Drag your .WMV file onto the the batch file and a command window will pop up
6. Enter your build number and press enter

Once it's complete the file will stay in the same folder and retain the same file name.

7. Download and open Handbrake software and find the .WMV source file
8. Set Handbrake to output the file, web optimized and keep the size the same.
9. A H.264 MP4 file will be produced.

The WMV file produced after running it through the batch file will also work for uploading directly to YouTube.

This video shows exactly how it's done.


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