Well the site was down. If you visited the site earlier I do apologise. I was playing with some folder structure from within wordpress and it all went wrong, and I didn't have access to an ftp program so I was kind of stuck.

Lesson learned, BACK UP YOUR SITE !!!! before trying fix something that's not broken.

Luckily I had the theme backed up so I get to keep the layout but I still lost some of the posts.

Anyway we'll all up and running now. After a little searching through various tools I use, I manged to scrape some bits of my last 3 posts.

One of the tools I use emails back any search term or phrase that I want to track and one of those phrases is my name. Now when my name is published anywhere on the internet I get a link to that site and here's what I found:


Seems like my site was being indexed fairly quickly.

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

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