Thanks for all the emails regarding Part 1 of this series. Here’s Part 2 a little later than planned.

Please ask any questions if you get stuck with this.

You can watch the full size Screencast here.


Part 3 next looks at activating your email with Google Apps.

David Frosdick
David Frosdick

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    4 replies to "Using Google Apps for your domain – Part 2/4"

    • JC

      How can I access my GAFYD Calendar on the iPhone? Do you know if this is even possible? I can’t get my login to work via Safari. I have searched everywhere for an explanation of this but have found nothing. Thanks!

    • David

      Have you tried using Google Mobile to access the Calendar?

    • JC

      Since I’m using an apps account, my login does not work at

      However, I did figure out that I can just punch up and login using Safari. I bookmarked the site and sent it to the iPhone desktop and that works well.

      My wife has all the google applications downloaded to her blackberry, but she is using a regular Gmail login, as far as I have found Google app users can’t access any of the applications listed on

      This gets back to the whole incompatibility issue with Google account services and GAFYD users. I can’t access picassa, reader, or anything with my GAFYD login.

    • David

      JC, I’ve not tried using the other GAFYD tools as I only use the email feature but I’m, now going to start investigating more.

      Maybe adding a comment on the Google Apps Discussion Group could get a response:

      Either let me know if you have any further development on this.

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